Elected Officials of the Benton County Republican Central Committee for 2016-2018

Date of Reorganization: -------- 11/17/2016

Chair -------- Betsy Close
1st Vice Chair -------- Kristie Hernandez
2nd Vice Chair -------- Jody Draper
3rd Vice Chair -------- Jeff Jimerson
Secretary -------- Ken Kurth
Treasurer -------- John H. Detweiler
Immediate Past Chair -------- Jerry Jackson
Delegate -------- Steve Winokur
1st Alternate Delegate -------- Jeff Limón
2nd Alternate Delegate -------- Jeff Kubler
3rd Alternate Delegate -------- Chris Close

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Contact Information

Administrator: brainchild
Mail Address:
    Benton County Republicans
    P.O. Box 808
    Corvallis, OR 97339
Like Us on Facebook: Benton County Republicans
Join Facebook Group: Oregon: Benton County Republicans
Follow us on Twitter: @BentonGOP_OR
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Campaign Headquarters

Dear Republicans,
Benton County Republicans will be looking for a campaign office for the 2018 elections! If you'd like to help us find a place or contribute funds to help pay the rent, please let us know. Thank you!

Mailing Address:
    Benton County Republican Party
    PO Box 808
    Corvallis, OR 97339
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Mission Statement

The Benton County Republican Central Committee encourages a fiscally responsible government that respects individual rights and personal freedoms; we share the goal of electing candidates that can further these objectives. Read More......