Elected Officials of the Benton County Republican Central Committee for 2016-2018

Date of Reorganization: -------- 11/17/2016

Chair -------- Betsy Close
1st Vice Chair -------- Kristie Hernandez
2nd Vice Chair -------- Jody Draper
3rd Vice Chair -------- Jeff Jimerson
Secretary -------- Ken Kurth
Treasurer -------- John H. Detweiler
Immediate Past Chair -------- Jerry Jackson
Delegate -------- Steve Winokur
1st Alternate Delegate -------- Jeff Limón
2nd Alternate Delegate -------- Jeff Kubler
3rd Alternate Delegate -------- Chris Close

Benton County Republicans thank this slate of officers for their service to the party throughout the last biennium.
Elected Officials of the Benton County Republican Central Committee for 2014-2016

Date of Reorganization: -------- 11/20/2014 (fill-ins since)

Chair -------- Jerry Jackson
1st Vice Chair -------- Paul Rentz
2nd Vice Chair -------- Kristie Hernandez
3rd Vice Chair -------- Ken Kurth
Secretary -------- Jeff Limón
Treasurer -------- Becky Currier
Immediate Past Chair -------- Bill Currier
Delegate -------- Jeff Kubler
1st Alternate Delegate -------- Kristie Hernandez
2nd Alternate Delegate -------- Steve Winokur
3rd Alternate Delegate -------- Vacant

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Contact Information

HQ Phone: 541-936-9WIN (9946)
Administrator: brainchild
Mail Address:
    Benton County Republicans
    P.O. Box 808
    Corvallis, OR 97339
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Join Facebook Group: Oregon: Benton County Republicans
Follow us on Twitter: @BentonGOP_OR
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Campaign Headquarters

NOTICE: The Benton County Republican Campaign Headquarters for 2016, located at 2101 NW Fillmore Avenue in Corvallis, was closed shortly after election day. As the 2018 election season nears, the party will again search for a space to conduct election activities. Until then, Benton County Republicans can be reached at the following:

Mailing Address:
    Benton County Republican Party
    PO Box 808
    Corvallis, OR 97339
Phone: (541) 936-9WIN (9946)
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Mission Statement

The Benton County Republican Central Committee encourages a fiscally responsible government that respects individual rights and personal freedoms; we share the goal of electing candidates that can further these objectives. Read More......